Thursday, May 13, 2010

Products I am currently trying

If you are a Beauty Inside at Sephora and reach 500 points, you have the option of receiving the Ole Hendriksen 3 Little Wonders Mini set. I held off on the previous OPI nail polish set because I heard the colors are thin and runny. RAEview talked about these Ole Hendriksen products in two of her reviews. I have to say, I do not regret getting this bonus :)

Sorry for the poor quality of the images >.<

Here are the descriptions of the products

I am also trying the Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer in Fair to Medium Skin Tones. I bought it from CVS. I've heard good reviews on this from emilynoel83 and friends. I've tried it once already and I noticed that it does not give me a gross orange tinge to my skin which is a definite plus. It does have a fake tan smell, though. Those of you who have tried the mystic tan spray know what I'm talking about, right?

The Phytorhum Forifying Shampoo smells like candy! Not like overly sweet, rotting teeth candy, but more like a subtle milder sweet smell...somewhat of a cross between vanilla, cotton candy, and caramel. It costs $24 for a 6.7oz bottle from Sephora. I bought it because lollipop26 recommended it in one of her videos. It has a light, champagne-like color, smells gorgeous, and lathers very well. I've only tried it once so I'll let you know how it works out after using the product for a longer time.

I've only tried the product for one week now, but I must adds some volume to my lifeless hair. My hair usually falls flat against my head and has NO volume. This shampoo has helped bring some oomph into my hair. :)

Until next time!