Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sella Skincare

After following fuzkittie on her YouTube channel & blog, I've become quite interested in nano technology skincare products.

"The skin basically is divided into three layers, the epidermis, the dermal layer and the subcutaneous layer. Most of the effects of aging such as loosening, wrinkles, and sagging that appear on the skins surface, actually originate in the second or dermal layer. It is in this layer that most of the cellular activity that keeps skin young and vital takes place. Yet until recently most if not all skin creams and wrinkle treatments are applied to, and really only treat the skins surface. But a new line of “cosmeceuticals” are appearing in doctors offices, well known spas and upscale retail stores that use the science of nanotechnology to deliver active ingredients to the inner most layers of the skin. Rejuvenating and revitalizing skin from the inside out. Many of these products have been clinically proven to rebuild healthy skin on a cellular level."
By the associated content

Basically, nanotechnology is supposed to be made up of particles that are much smaller than normal. These smaller particles are supposed to be absorbed into your skin faster and deliver better results. Sounds like a dream, right? From the research that I've done, these benefits come with a price tag as well.

Luckily, a friend of mine works for Sella. He gave me a few sample sized versions of the Sella regular cleansing bars.

"Our Facial Cleansing Bar uses Nano Technology to reach deep inside your pores to remove dirt, oil, toxic substances. Our nano ingredients penetrate so deeply that this cleanser actually acts as a make up remover, and also repairs UV-induced damages. Compared to the general 3% active ingredient percentage in other soaps, SELLA's Cleansing Bar contains at least 15% active ingredients, as the premium bar contains 30%."

When you have make up on, you are supposed to do a "pre-rinse" then follow up with two 2-minute washes. So far, the soap lathers up very well and leaves my face feeling squeaky clean. I'll follow up more on this product later.