Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: Sella USA All Natural Skincare

I had the honor of trying Sella USA's premium facial cleansing bar because I received a few samples from a Sella skincare representative. I originally thought I was given the regular cleansing bar, but when I talked to the representative, he told me that it was actually the premium cleansing bar.

Before I begin my short review, here is what Sella has to say about its premium cleansing bar:

Step 1: Pore Cleansing

Sella's Premium All Natural Facial Cleansing Bar and Make-Up Remover 3.5 oz (10 weeks supply when used as directed)

Sella's Premium Line not only contains a higher percentage of active ingredients, but is also infused with the addition of advanced, all natural and hand selected ingredients. The Premium Line is therefore capable of enabling the restoration and rejuvenation process to occur at an accelerated rate.

Recommended highly for:
  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Extremely oily or dry skin

Sella Premium Cleansing Bar features several powerful antioxidants such as Nano-Gold and Selenium, with the addition of Nano-Platinum. Antioxidants are molecules capable of slowing or preventing the development of free radicals, which are known to dehydrate skin and accelerate the aging process. The formation of collagen, essential for healthy skin, is achieved in the Sella Skin Care Line with the addition of Vitamin C. Propolis is added to diminish fine wrinkles and even the skins texture. Nano-Red, Yellow and White Ocher are types of minerals found in natural deposits in many regions of world. Once nanosized, they are able to penetrate the pores, bond with and extract pollutants.

All natural
Surfactant, polymer, preservative, additive and artificial colorant free

Step 1:  30 second wash for removal of dirt and oil
              Cleanser and makeup remover in one

Step 2:  2 minute wash for deep cleansing and removal of surfactants, polymers and pollutants
              Repair UV induced damage

Step 3:  2 minute wash for toxic substance removal
              Opening of sebaceous glands to enhance natural sebum secretion

To achieve maximum results, Sella highly recommends using the Sella product line exclusively. The use of any product containing surfactants and other additives may delay the results of Sella's four step process. 

Initial purification process may result in the following:
  •   During the first 3-4 days, a tingling sensation may occur
  •   A breakout may occur, due to waste emerging from deep inside your skin
  •   Within two weeks of use, a change in skin tone may result temporarily due to settled pigments surfacing to the epidermis
  •   Your skin may appear dry and tight due to the regulation of your sebum secretion
  •   A cycle of improvement may repeat 3 to 4 times

The bar retails for $36.

My Review:
After my first time using this cleansing bar (as instructed), I thought it felt like any regular facial soap.  It gives a very squeaky clean feeling afterwards and I strongly recommend using a moisturizer afterwards.  It did not irritate my skin. It smelled like a regular bar soap. 

One warning is that if you haven't been thoroughly cleansing your face prior to using this product, you may experience some breakouts because the bar is purging your skin of any impurities. After this initial experience your skin should return to a normal state.

I also gave one of the sample bars to my cousin who has extremely sensitive skin.  She says it did not give her any problems.

All in all, I like this product, but I don't know if it's worth $36. I happen to really like my Laneige facial cleanser and I think I'll stick with my regular skincare routine (until curiosity strikes again :P)

My sample of the Sella Premium Facial Cleansing Bar

All lathered up and ready to cleanse!

Time to wash away the makeup!